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West Colony Community Association

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What is going on with your community? We will post new information as often as needed to get the word out. We want as many avenues as possible to get information to you and for you to be able to write us. Since this site is free, we will have to have advertising. We don't endorse any particular company that is advertised on our page. The advertisements are randomly placed by Tripod.
Security is present on our streets seven days a week. The officers usually patrol the late afternoon until early morning hours. We have asked the officers to walk through the greenbelts more and to make their presence felt at the park after 10:00pm. When you see the security officers, make sure you thank them for their hardwork. Throughout the coming months we will be posting crime information in our community. We will do this in hopes that it will increase awareness for the homeowners in places where there tends to be a higher trend in crime.In case of an emergency, the phone number for Special Enforcement is (909)
All other concerns should be directed to the Board of Directors either through your monthly statement or through the email link on this website.
The Board has recently decided to keep access to the pools open year round. We live in an area that can be warm even during the winter. The pools are cleaned throughout the entire year whether in use or not. The extra cost is for janitorial service of the restrooms and that is minimal. GO! Enjoy the pool!
Unfortunately the yard sale got rained out Sunday Nov. 21st. We will be having the next sale in May 2005, then in Oct. 2005. We are going to try and keep them more in the warm weather months. Many homeowners noticed the increase in traffic this time. Advertising was placed in the Press Enterprise and The San Bernardino County Sun for almost two weeks prior to the sale. We will continue to promote our yard sales and ask you, the homeowners, to refrain from yard sales except on the designated weekends. Thank You.

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You can email your Board of Directors at: